Fast Food Logos

Can I biggie size that?



As I have mentioned before, logos are so important. Logos are to be designed to brand your idea/business and be unique and eye catching. But when you drive down the road and see all of the fast food signs lit and ready to serve you – do you notice anything? Most of the logo colors are red and yellow. I am not sure why companies have not thought outside of the box yet?!





Think of a fast food restaurant and see if it the main color is red – if so, is the secondary color yellow?

Please share some restaurants with me that do not have red & yellow. I want to see how many we can get.


The one’s that I can think of are….




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4 Responses to “Fast Food Logos”

  • EP:

    Red, yellow, and orange are hunger inducing colors.
    Thanks for joining us for lunch!

    • I have heard that, but the studies that were done were probably tested after many fast food chains had chosen these colors.
      Are we sure that it isn’t learned conditioning? Maybe we just associate red, yellow, and orange as yummy colors because of what we have become accustomed to….just a thought.
      But I wish there was more variety…personally.

  • Pam:

    The Olive Garden is one I can think of, its not fast food, but at least no red or yellow.

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